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Self-Service Data Analytics for the Oil & Gas Industry

Analysts in Oil & Gas face the challenge of accessing, joining, and analyzing data from many different sources. Often, this requires proper tools, time and teams to manage the analysis efficiently. There is great potential to optimize efficiencies and leverage data-driven solutions in the upstream, midstream and downstream processing of oil and gas.

View this interactive webinar with Capitalize and Alteryx to learn how data analysts in the oil and gas industry can benefit from a drag-and-drop workflow environment to:

  • Connect to, cleanse, and join data from multiple sources – spatial, geological, seismic, weather and more – to make more informed exploration decisions
  • Analyze infill drilling performance to produce more out of existing acreage and compare average delta performance between neighbor wells and previous parent wells to maximize labor and time
  • Build a repeatable process to automate time consuming data preparation and analytical tasks, and deliver insights in a fraction of the time compared to your current processes.

Using Predictive Analytics and Dashboards in K-12: From Predicting Test Outcomes to Increasing Attendance

K-12 school districts contend with challenges that no other organizations face. Whether your district is focused on attendance, state test results, district assessments, discipline, the achievement gap, course failure, special programs, interventions, district improvement plans, IEPs, budgeting, technology effectiveness, or another initiative, you'll be digging through mountains of data to create an educated plan of attack!

  • Show how the IBM solutions we provide will help you analyze and visualize the massive amounts of data districts collect.
  • Demo these technology solutions.
  • Explain the techniques we employ to help districts become more data driven.

There is a better way to streamline access to actionable data. Let us show you!

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Cognos Reporting Tools - Discover how to create compelling interactive reports

A picture is worth a thousand words – it really is true. That’s why people want engaging visuals in their reports; it helps them make sense of all that data. If you’re responsible for delivering those reports, this webinar will show you how Cognos provides the fundamentals you need to create the interactive reports people expect.

  • Create a broad spectrum of interactive reports from trusted data.
  • Deliver reports and dashboards that enable decisive actions that lead to better business outcomes.
  • Spot trends and consistently take “the next best action”.
  • Accelerate decision-making and help your audience digest large amounts of data through engaging visuals.
  • Establish a culture of self-sufficiency by creating the right style of report for all users in an organization.
  • Use core design and development principles to make a real impact with your audience.
  • Incorporate visualization into your reports, yet keep them intuitive and easy to use.

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Product Spotlight: What the heck is Splunk? If you’re in IT and you don’t know…you’re behind! (Recorded)

Splunk has taken the world by storm with its unique ability to access, analyze, and visualize within log files in real time. If you have server files, network, application, machine, or web log files being captured…how do you analyze them all? For the most part…you probably don’t.

Imagine a tool that easily allows you to access every log file in a searchable way turning that unstructured data into something you can query, like a database. That’s Splunk! We’ll show you a real world demo of Splunk and teach you how to get started!

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Straight Talk with Capitalize: Learn how YOU CAN use SPSS Modeler for predictive analysis. (Recorded)

Wed, June 15, 2016 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM CDT

Join Capitalize Analytics and our Managing Partner, Eric Soden on the hot topic of predictive analytics. IBM and analysts talk about predictive analytics like it is the holy grail of BI but no one ever shows how to DO it! You don’t have to be in IT or have a PhD in statistics!

In this webinar, we’ll take a hands-on approach showing you exactly how SPSS modeler works. We know you’ll be surprised at just how easy it is to dip your toe into predictive analytics and data science.

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The 5 Most Underutilized Capabilities in Cognos 10.2.2 (Recorded)

We will uncover 5 of the most underutilized capabilities in Cognos 10.2.2. This was such a popular webinar that we thought we would expand it and talk about these key additional features that are vital to making your experience with Cognos more productive!

1. My Data Sets - Allow users to upload their spreadsheets for analysis. Great for prototypes and for users to do their own analysis.
2. Drill Throughs - No need to dig around in other folders, we will show you how to use this great feature to easily link reports together creating a better user experience.
3. Office Connection - What is it and how can we start using it? (Recap)
4. Bursting - How this small function can save you time and frustration (Recap)
5. Event Studio - You've had it for years...USE IT! We'll show you how! (Recap)

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Building Powerful Dashboards with IBM Cognos (Recorded)

No doubt that business dashboards are pretty, colorful and exciting. However, dashboards are more than just a pretty face!

Discover how to build powerful dashboards using IBM Cognos. With the right kind of dashboard, every business can take better advantage of their unique data. We will show you how to successfully create interactive dashboards to bring the information to you and provide a graphical view of company performance indicators.

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