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Predictive Analytics – Worth the Investment?

The answer is YES! I have written a few blogs about predictive analytics, but wanted to take a small step back and define predictive analytics. There are various thoughts, ideas, perceptions etc. and a lot of talk about predictive analytics being the next wave in big data analytics. But what is it exactly? Remember the movie Minority Report? Well, we aren’t quite there – where we are predicting whether anyone will …Read More

7 Reasons You Need Predictive Analytics

Right now, data is pouring into your organization – from sensors, social media, enterprise systems, and other sources. Hidden within this data are valuable insights that can give your organization a competitive advantage – but to find them you need the right analytical techniques. How do you unlock big data secrets? IBM SPSS predictive analytics can help you support your organization’s use of big data and unlock the secrets hidden. …Read More