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Upgrading to Cognos Analytics v11

If you haven’t heard about the latest release of Cognos Analytics (v11 R4), then read on. We have put together an overview highlighting some of the new and improved features. The functionality available in Cognos 10 is still there, but it’s a completely re-designed experience and delivers ease of use for the business user without compromising IT functionality all while dramatically increasing productivity for departmental and enterprise reporting. Redefined consumption experience …Read More

Top 5 Must-Go-To IBM Cognos Events

This time of year there are a lot of things going on – school is back in session, football is in full swing (yeah!) as well as a host of wonderful, fun community festivals like Octoberfest! The same is true in the world of Cognos – lots of things going on and some really great events coming up. Below are 5 of the “must-go-to” IBM Cognos events. SunGard National User Group …Read More

Assembling the Data Puzzle with Analytics

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the data that your organization is collecting? Sales has customer histories in their CRM, Finance has product revenue information in their accounting package, Operations keeps inventory data in their inventory management system, Human Resources has employee information in their HR management tool and Marketing has consumers that are generating a wealth of data from mobile devices, computers, communications, and transactions. However, Forrester Research estimates that …Read More

Is Your Organization Ready for Self Service Analytics?

The Trend Towards Self-Service in Business Intelligence – Are You Ready? According to Gartner, a major shift is occurring in the balance of power for companies. Business users and other departments outside of IT need to have access to the data they need for Business intelligence (BI) and analytics and quickly find answers on their own. For the average user, making use of  data can be daunting though. After all, …Read More

How Companies You Know and Love Are Having Fun with Analytics

In the business world, analytics help decision-makers tackle their operational and economic challenges, provide insight and help us make better decisions. Knowing what’s going on with your company through the use of analytics and having the insight that’s provided from your data is critical, that’s for sure. But these use cases for analytics aren’t exactly the most exciting events that everyone else outside of corporate walls can relate to. We …Read More

Using Analytics to Maintain Your Competitive Edge

Fun Fact: Did you know that a study performed by MIT and IBM found that companies that use analytics to determine their next steps are 3 times as likely to out-perform their competitors? Fast, accurate reporting has become monumental to line-of-business decision-making and is a major determining factor in maintaining an edge in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Your teams need to be able to answer the question “How are we …Read More

Restoring Cognos from a cloned virtual machine

Capitalize Analytics Tips & Tricks videos – another awesome video from our expert Cognos consultants.  This video will show you the benefits of cloning from a virtual machine.  Some clients clone their virtual machines, for their clients who all generally use the same Cognos environment.  What are some of the benefits? Saves time downloading and installing software Authentication & security already configured Content already in the content store Watch video …Read More