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Alteryx Key Components

Another installment of our educational blog series is here! If you have suggestions for future blog topics, we want to hear them. Email us at marketing@capitalizeconsulting.com with your ideas! Alteryx Key Components We recently had the opportunity to provide an Alteryx demo to a large oil & gas company. The demo was focused on the ease of use of Alteryx while also showing many of the key components of the …Read More

Using Analytics to Maintain Your Competitive Edge

Fun Fact: Did you know that a study performed by MIT and IBM found that companies that use analytics to determine their next steps are 3 times as likely to out-perform their competitors? Fast, accurate reporting has become monumental to line-of-business decision-making and is a major determining factor in maintaining an edge in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Your teams need to be able to answer the question “How are we …Read More

Capitalize Analytics Youtube

Capitalize Analytics Youtube Capitalize Analytics on Youtube!  Check out the new Capitalize Analytics YouTube channel. Discover who we are, Cognos tutorial videos, Cognos Tech Tips and other great content and articles on our channel. Hit the subscribe button on right, become a fan, comment and share our videos – not to mention you’ll never miss out on the good stuff! https://youtu.be/scBrRORC1xI

Cognos Tech Tip: SQL Functions in Cognos

SQL Functions in Cognos If you have tried using certain SQL functions that you know should work but you get errors…you may have to modify your syntax slightly for Cognos. Example: dateadd(mm, 1, getdate()) Result in SQL Server Management Studio: Mar 16, 2015 12:19:27 PM Result in Cognos: Parsing error before or near position: 12 of: “dateadd(mm,” Solution: You must wrap the “mm” in curly brackets “{}” Working Query Calculation: …Read More

Cognos Tech Tip: Case of the Corrupted PDF File

Case of the corrupted pdf file in Cognos Recently one of our clients experienced an issue with a Cognos report that was not correctly saving as a PDF. When they tried to reopen the report from their computer it kept giving them the error “the PDF file is corrupted”.  We spring into action helping our client anyway possible, tirelessly testing Cognos prompts, running multiple reports with different prompt scenarios, clearing …Read More

Dashboards are more than a just pretty face

Dashboards: More than just a pretty face! You know you need business intelligence (BI), but you want it to be successful and have substance. Like they say, not just another pretty face. If you think about it, searching for the right BI solution for your company and making sure it’s a success is much like looking for the right partner. As you begin your research journey, looking at your options, …Read More