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Business Intelligence Solutions

All consumers can obtain any piece of data at any point in time. This experience represents a significant cultural shift – we no longer have to wait for any type of information, it’s all right at our fingertips.  Today’s business users are no exception.  Businesspeople expect more and more from their applications.  As we all know, the devices we carry in our pockets can bring us the latest news, track stock performance, help us find our way in a strange city, show us the best products to buy and answer questions on every imaginable subject—all in seconds, with no special training or expertise required. So it’s not surprising that in a work setting, we also expect, and want, access to enterprise data whenever and wherever we need it.

Now, you can!  We are making it easier for organizations of all sizes from start-ups to large, complex organizations to have trusted data available quickly and easily to everyone across your organization. Using IBM Cognos Business Intelligence solutions, we help you pull all your data into one unified, complete solution so you can have the information readily accessible – right at your fingertips.  Skip the data manipulation phase and the frustration that comes along with it. Cognos pulls all your data into one unified solution so you can get to what’s important – the insight that is hiding in all that scattered data.

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence

More and more organizations are collecting massive amounts of data and organizations require the very best business intelligence and analytic tools to help make sense and gain knowledge from of all their data. IBM Cognos business intelligence solutions enable business users to extract corporate data, analyze it and create reports and dashboards – all without technical knowledge! Cognos can be relational and multiple data sources from multiple vendors.

Cognos BI provides capabilities designed to provide:

  • Faster time to answers about business from highly visual, interactive dashboards without lengthy deployment delays
  • Easier access to game-changing insights with interactive data visualizations that enable you to more easily identify performance issues and apply corrective actions
  • Smarter decisions that drive a better outcome from snapshots of business performance
  • Trusted data for more consistent decisions without data drift or duplication
  • Flexible cloud and on-premise deployment options that can grow as your business grows and help you meet diverse organizational requirements

Predictive Analytics

Leading organizations drive strategic thinking by using past, present and future views of their business to anticipate outcomes, improve operational efficiency and reach goals faster. With IBM Cognos Business Intelligence and IBM SPSS predictive analytics you can include critical drivers in reports that identify patterns, trends and predictive scores. From retail to manufacturing, insurance to telecommunications, forward-looking business intelligence provides early identification of new opportunities.

With IBM SPSS predictive analytics software, you can predict with confidence what will happen next so that you can make smarter decisions, solve problems and improve outcomes. IBM SPSS Modeler is an extensive predictive analytics platform that is designed to bring predictive intelligence to decisions made by individuals, groups, systems and the enterprise.

Waterfield Energy Business Intelligence Solution

Capitalize Analytics has teamed up with Waterfield Energy to provide the power of the IBM Cognos platform to one of the most innovative revenue accounting platforms available for the Oil and Gas industry. Together we provide solutions for Upstream, Midstream, and Transportation customers that make your operational systems more streamlined and give you the advanced management reporting you’ve never been able to achieve from other systems.

Alteryx Self-Service Data Analytics Solution

Capitalize Analytics is very excited to share the news of our partnership with Alteryx! The Alteryx tool enables our analytics team to build workflows to move the data, transform it, and load it into fact and dimension tables. With the Alteryx Self-Service Data Analytics Solution Capitalize is able to move data around and therefore provide our clients with a solution that offers them the capacity to make more money, make their customers/partners happy, cut down on costs, as well as the capability to quickly move data and/or blend it together! .