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PowerSchool K-12 and Cognos

Are you getting the most from your PowerSchool K-12 software? Unless you’re fully utilizing IBM Cognos, the answer is no.

PowerSchool products are amazing at collecting the data that is required to run a school district. Their solutions are the best you’ll find to help you with your student and financial operations. They know that beyond collecting the data, organizations need to aggregate it, slice it, dice it, and visualize that data so they can refine their processes. PowerSchool has teamed up with IBM and the Cognos product suite to further support that mission.

SunGard K12 CognosSo, how do you know if you’re fully utilizing Cognos? Here are a few questions to ask:

  • Do you have dashboards that show pertinent information to parents, teachers, principals, superintendents, and the board?
  • Are your assessment and curriculum analysts able to easily pull data from PowerSchool in the ways they need it (without relying on IT)?
  • Are you “bursting” out your school, student, and parent-based reports/letters/report cards? (Hint: Running and delivering these doesn’t have to be a time-consuming, manual process!)
  • Do you have event-driven reports that only run and are delivered when something specific happens (for example, a school drops below a certain attendance threshold, a project goes over budget, a contract is up for renewal, etc.)?
  • Are you able to refresh the data in your MS Office documents easily, or are you copying and pasting from other sources repeatedly?
  • Are your reports available on mobile devices?

IBM Cognos is a REMARKABLY robust tool that can help you automate nearly any data-intensive process and visualize things that will help you make better decisions at all levels of your district…but only if you use it! If you don’t feel like you’re using IBM Cognos to its fullest potential, you are not alone! Most folks just need to see what’s possible and get some training!  Visit our K-12 Education page to see how we have put Cognos to action for one of the largest school districts in the Dallas metro area.

Capitalize Analytics and PowerSchool have joined forces to help districts better utilize this incredible business intelligence solution. Let us help you build a plan to be successful with IBM Cognos, so that you can feel great about your answers to the questions above!  When you embrace Business Intelligence, the district becomes more efficient and successful, and your job becomes easier.

Let us help you with the next steps, contact us today.