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IBM Cognos Training Course Descriptions

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Training Course Descriptions

We provide an unrivaled expertise of IBM Cognos Business Intelligence training and offer Cognos BI, TM1 and SPSS training courses in Dallas, Houston and throughout Texas.  Choose which delivery option is best for you, traditional classroom/instructor led, online/instructor let or online/self-paced.

Need onsite, custom training or a class that is not on the schedule?  Please contact us.

IBM Cognos Report Studio Fundamentals:

This is the first step into the world of Cognos.  This beginner course provides all the tools, capabilities, knowledge and skills necessary to author professional reports and more.  Learn how to get to the data you need, we will teach you how to build reports, dashboards, etc. Report Studio is the place to start!

IBM Cognos Report Studio Advanced:

This class is step 2 and builds on topics and techniques that were learned in the Fundamentals class.  This advanced class is for report authors who want more in-depth coverage of report building techniques, learning the skills that will allow them to take full advantage of all the advanced options available in IBM Cognos Report Studio.

Essentials for IBM Cognos:

Essentials for IBM Cognos BI is a blended offering consisting of five-days of instructor-led training and 21 hours of Web-based, self-paced training. This accelerated offering is intended for core project team members wishing to acquire a broad understanding of a Business Intelligence platform implementation. During the ILT segments, participants will perform hands-on demos and workshops that cover four essential topic areas: Modeling, Report Authoring, Workspace Advanced, and Administration of a BI platform. Throughout the ILT, participants will be guided to more-in depth training offerings and paths leading to certification.

IBM Cognos Framework Manager

This 5-day course is designed to provide you with introductory to advanced knowledge of metadata modeling concepts, and how to model metadata for predictable reporting and analysis results using Framework Manager. You will learn the full scope of the metadata modeling process, from initial project creation, to publishing of metadata to the Web, enabling end users to easily author reports and analyze data.

IBM Cognos Active Reports

In this 2-day course students will learn advanced techniques to create highly interactive reports using multiple controls, create custom controls, examine advanced deck features, and use advanced techniques to conditionally show, hide, filter, or select report objects.

Audience:  This class is intended for professional report authors who have a need to create highly interactive business intelligence reports for consumers working in a disconnected, mobile or non-mobile, environment.Strong authoring knowledge recommended.
Prerequisites: You should attend the IBM Cognos Report Studio course.

IBM Cognos Workspace

This 1-day course is designed for business user.  Get introduced the Workspace interfaces and see how they relate to Cognos.  This course will provide the skills that participants will need to use IBM Cognos Workspace Advanced to create effective reports with relational and dimensional data.

Audience:  Beginner course for Business Authors and all report writers (Business or IT)
Prerequisites: This offering is intended for Business Authors who have a knowledge of basic Windows and Web functionality, as well as their business requirements.

IBM Cognos Workspace Advanced

IBM Cognos Workspace Advanced is a two-day course.  If you are a non-technical business user, this class is for you. Learn to build reports and queries as a business user.  No SQL knowledge is required, instead the focus is on the business user and providing the skills needed to create reports as well as creating effective reports with relational and dimensional data. Through interactive demos and workshops, this course will present topics related to creating reports with IBM Cognos Workspace Advanced for the business author.

Audience:  Intermediate course is for Business Authors. All report writers (Business or IT)
Prerequisites: This offering is intended for Business Authors who have a knowledge of basic Windows and Web functionality, as well as their business requirements.   A working knowledge of IBM Cognos Connection is beneficial (recommended).

IBM Cognos Administration and Security

This course focuses on teaching new administrators and IT folks how to manage the server, install Cognos, set up security, etc. This is a very important class for those who need to understand how to move and secure content.  Students will install and configure the IBM Cognos BI software, implement security, and manage the server components.