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IBM Cognos Analytics

IBM Cognos Analytics

Understand your data. Business Intelligence that guides you to faster results.

Find what matters most to your business.  Whether you have a question to answer, an assumption to test or you are not quite sure what you want, we’ve got you covered with IBM Cognos Analytics and Business Intelligence solutions.  Business intelligence (BI) and advanced analytics provide the edge in extracting insights from data – to identify risk and capitalize on opportunities. Gain a deep understanding of your business with reports, dashboards, visualizations and analysis of information. IBM’s enterprise platform approach, available on cloud or on premises, aligns your organization around trusted data and self-service capabilities enable agility to accelerate growth.

Use comprehensive reports to understand your BI content. Information in context is crucial – all types of reports from simple lists to high-impact dashboards can be authored once based on any combination of data sources and shared throughout the organization. With personalized access to information you get the answers you need as you need them, from the desktop or a mobile device, online or offline.

Business dashboards have become important tools for monitoring and improving performance. IBM Cognos business intelligence includes interactive business dashboard software that can take the confusion and guesswork out of navigating your business information and key performance indicators. You can personalize these dashboards and choose how you receive them to keep your finger on the pulse of your business, identify issues before they become problems and analyze information to plan for the future.

Visually measure and monitor business performance. IBM® scorecarding and strategy management software helps you measure, monitor and communicate your progress toward strategic goals and performance milestones. You can add scorecards to business intelligence (BI) and performance management content to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) and help your business stay on track. In addition, Wizards guide users through the scorecard design process and reduce the time spent on scorecard maintenance and updates.

Additional capabilities:

  • Analysis – Explore your BI data with trend analysis, “what-if” scenarios, modeling and more.
  • Mobile – Experience insight wherever you are, at the office or on the road.
  • Real-time monitoring – View up-to-the-minute operational data for quick and informed decisions.
  • Collaboration – Fuel the exchange of insights with collaborative BI.
  • Data visualization – Bring your data to life in the best format for interpretation and analysis.
  • Faster time to answers about business from highly visual, interactive dashboards without lengthy deployment delays
  • Easier access to game-changing insights with interactive data visualizations that enable you to more easily identify performance issues and apply corrective actions
  • Smarter decisions that drive a better outcome from snapshots of business performance
  • Trusted data for more consistent decisions without data drift or duplication
  • Flexible cloud and on-premise deployment options that can grow as your business grows and help you meet diverse organizational requirements

IBM Whitepaper2 iconWhitepaper: BI Forward: A Full View of Your Business

What businesses need from BI is a full picture. And that is why it is important to understand that, for now, and in the future, BI should help you not only describe and diagnose your past and current performance, but also predict future performance.

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