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Top 5 Must-Go-To IBM Cognos Events

This time of year there are a lot of things going on – school is back in session, football is in full swing (yeah!) as well as a host of wonderful, fun community festivals like Octoberfest! The same is true in the world of Cognos – lots of things going on and some really great events coming up. Below are 5 of the “must-go-to” IBM Cognos events. SunGard National User Group …Read More

Cognos & Coffee, Barista’s in the making!

A couple of weeks ago, Eric and I had the opportunity to participate, and present, at the Texas Sungard User Group conference.  Their annual conference was held in Houston this year and was full of great sessions and networking.  They certainly accomplished their goal of bringing together users of SunGard K12 products in one location, allowing members to meet and exchange information. We started thinking, based on a recent event …Read More