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Cognos Tips & Tricks

Cognos Video Tech Tip

  Dynamic Columns in Cognos Check out our Youtube channel for Cognos tech tips put together by our Cognos rock stars! Today’s Tech Topic: How to create reports where you can select, based on a prompt, which columns you want to display in a list.  Great tip – check it out!        

Cognos Video Tech Tip: Alternate Row Formatting in Crosstab Reports

Cognos Video Tech Tip: Alternate Row Formatting in Crosstab Reports: An issue that comes up with multilevel crosstab reports is being able to tell where the data from one object ends and another begins in the crosstab intersection portion. It would be very beneficial if you can easily tell where one section of data ends and the other begins. This can be accomplished by using conditional styles in Cognos. In …Read More

Cognos Tech Tip: SQL Functions in Cognos

SQL Functions in Cognos If you have tried using certain SQL functions that you know should work but you get errors…you may have to modify your syntax slightly for Cognos. Example: dateadd(mm, 1, getdate()) Result in SQL Server Management Studio: Mar 16, 2015 12:19:27 PM Result in Cognos: Parsing error before or near position: 12 of: “dateadd(mm,” Solution: You must wrap the “mm” in curly brackets “{}” Working Query Calculation: …Read More

Cognos Tech Tip: Case of the Corrupted PDF File

Case of the corrupted pdf file in Cognos Recently one of our clients experienced an issue with a Cognos report that was not correctly saving as a PDF. When they tried to reopen the report from their computer it kept giving them the error “the PDF file is corrupted”.  We spring into action helping our client anyway possible, tirelessly testing Cognos prompts, running multiple reports with different prompt scenarios, clearing …Read More

Cognos Page Numbering

Cognos Page Numbering Hey folks, If you’ve ever set up page breaking (for statements and such) then you may or may not have realized your page numbers don’t automatically reset for each new report/statement.  Cognos will page break but continue with the same page numbering unless you tell it to reset.  Let’s lock this down. If haven’t done page sets for page breaks then just file this tip away until …Read More

Cognos: Remove Horizontal Pagination on Reports

Cognos: Remove Horizontal Pagination on Reports Today’s tip is something that seems like it would be pretty simple, however, it can cause issues!  Are some columns in your report going to the next page?  If so, simple solution:  Uncheck “Horizontal Pagination” in your reports and all columns will force themselves onto a single page. Rows will still break.    

Cognos Tips & Tricks: Dynamic Sort and Group

Subject:  Dynamic Sort and Group Steps for Sorting: – Build a dynamic “data item” based on a prompt. – If (?Sort Prompt? = ‘Sort Column’) Then ([Sort Column]) … – Add the new “data item” to your list’s sorting and grouping – Build a “static choice” prompt to select the data item to sort by.     Steps for Grouping: – Build a dynamic “data item” based on a prompt. – If …Read More