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Business Intelligence & Analytics

The 2 Hottest Buzz Words in Technology Today

Two of the hottest buzzwords in technology today: Internet of Things (IoT) and big data analytics. Let’s start by defining what these technologies are. Internet of Things (IoT) is the amount of items that are connected to the Internet – which is about to skyrocket. IoT technologies can be found in all kinds of different industries from agriculture all the way to energy and transportation. In many cases, these devices …Read More

Assembling the Data Puzzle with Analytics

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the data that your organization is collecting? Sales has customer histories in their CRM, Finance has product revenue information in their accounting package, Operations keeps inventory data in their inventory management system, Human Resources has employee information in their HR management tool and Marketing has consumers that are generating a wealth of data from mobile devices, computers, communications, and transactions. However, Forrester Research estimates that …Read More

Is Your Organization Ready for Self Service Analytics?

The Trend Towards Self-Service in Business Intelligence – Are You Ready? According to Gartner, a major shift is occurring in the balance of power for companies. Business users and other departments outside of IT need to have access to the data they need for Business intelligence (BI) and analytics and quickly find answers on their own. For the average user, making use of  data can be daunting though. After all, …Read More

The Trend Towards Self-Service Analytics

According to Gartner, a major shift is occurring in the balance of power for companies. Departments outside of IT will increasingly have access to the data needed for Business intelligence (BI) and analytics. For a lot of employees, making use of Business Intelligence and analytics data can be daunting. After all, the perception is that it would take an expert, a data scientist, or a PhD to make sense of …Read More

3 Must Have Items on Your BI Success Checklist

Often times, to become the boss, determined people create a checklist that helps them stay focused while climbing the ranks: Get a promotion after two years, collaborate with a mentor, get quoted in a trade magazine, etc. A checklist helps to stay on track and to organize the steps needed to reach your goals. The same strategy can be applied when organizations are determined to become a data and analytics-driven …Read More

How to Put Your Customers First with Marketing Analytics

We all know the adage “The customer is always right.” Today this is truer than ever as marketing becomes increasingly customer-driven. Consumers want product information to be available where they are, and when they want it. The increasing use of mobile devices and social media play a big part in the way customers conduct business, share information, and make their opinions known. Nearly 1.7 billion people have active social media …Read More

How Companies You Know and Love Are Having Fun with Analytics

In the business world, analytics help decision-makers tackle their operational and economic challenges, provide insight and help us make better decisions. Knowing what’s going on with your company through the use of analytics and having the insight that’s provided from your data is critical, that’s for sure. But these use cases for analytics aren’t exactly the most exciting events that everyone else outside of corporate walls can relate to. We …Read More

Marketing and Social Media Analytics – Why you need them!

Introducing Capitalize Marketing Analytics If you are feeling like you are drowning in marketing and social media data, well, you aren’t alone.  All data matters, but how do you prioritize and identify the data that matters to your organization so you can put it all into perspective and make better marketing decisions?  With social media and cloud-based services, the ability to analyze your marketing results has never been so quantifiable. …Read More