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Prompt Basics in Cognos Report Studio – What type of prompt do I use?

Need to know what type of prompt to use?  In this 2-part tutorial video we describe the various prompt objects available for use within Cognos Report Studio.  We will introduce prompt basics as well as how to identify different types of prompts, each prompts function, the benefits and when and where to use each one.  In addition, the basic definitions of parameters, parametrized filters, and the  purpose of prompts are …Read More

Cognos Video: Building Prompt Page with Cascading Prompts in Report Studio

In this tutorial video, we build a separate prompt page in Report Studio using multiple cascading prompts.  We examine the adjustment and settings of properties associated with cascading prompts needed to allow these prompts to function efficiently and properly.  Specifically, we review the multi-select-auto-submit, and static choices properties.  In addition, we show the use of a complex ‘if’  statement used in a detail filter used to populate a ‘static choice’ …Read More