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Capitalize Oil & Energy Lunch n’ Learn WebEx 3-Week Series

Enjoy our 3-week Oil & Energy Series which shows how to launch your journey to self-service analytics. In this series, you’ll learn how to work in Alteryx Designer, easily transition from Excel columns and rows to repeatable workflows, best practices in prepping, parsing, and blending your data with Alteryx, followed by a dose of next-level analytics—a dive into statistical, predictive, prescriptive, and spatial models.

Week 1 of 3 – Applying Alteryx to Energy Specific Data Challenges

Originally presented on June 14th,  2018

This shows the ability of Alteryx to take the daily data wrangling challenges and automates them to allow for more scalable initiatives
Discuss joining multiple data files into a more complete data set for deeper analytics
Discuss from a user perspective operational workflow and use cases
Discover how Alteryx can help take your analytics to the next step
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Week 2 of 3 – How Alteryx Enables Predictive Analytics with SCADA/Time Series Data

Originally presented on June 21st,  2018
Demonstrate the ability to ingest, clean and wrangle sensor data and build toward trend analysis and predictive modeling
Discuss the Time Series and SCADA operational workflows and use cases
Tackling the sensor data challenge
Perform trend analysis and predicative analytics within the Alteryx platform
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Week 3 of 3 – Adding Geospatial Components to your Data with Alteryx

Originally presented on June 28th,  2018

Discuss operational methane gas leak detection and analysis use case
Why Geospatial matters
Demonstrate geospatial capabilities within Alteryx
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